Which Roof is Right For You?

Important Roofing Questions Answered

Being informed about the various components of a house and the aspects of being a homeowner can be essential for protecting the money that you invested with this purchase. In particular, the roof is an essential component of the house, and being informed about it can be extremely useful for protecting your house from damage. Are Stone Tiles Worth The Additional Expense When Compared To Asphalt Shingles? It is common for asphalt shingles to be used to cover and protect a roof. Read More 

Things You Can Do With Your Old House Shingles

If you are going to have your roofing shingles replaced in the near future, you might want to think about the various things you can do with the old ones. Instead of having the roofing contractor haul all of them away, you might want to keep some of them for some of the following projects: Art Projects For The Kids You and the kids can take some of the shingles that still have a lot of solid structure to them and cut them up into various shapes. Read More 

4 Tips For Maintaining Your Commercial Roof

The key to increasing your number of customers or clients may partially rest in the physical appearance of your business. Having a building that is attractive and in good condition is always important. One thing you will want to do is ensure the roof on your company is stable and well maintained. Being aware of tips that will allow you to keep your commercial roof in good shape is ideal. Read More 

A Roof Made From Wood? It’s A Better Idea Than It May Seem

A roof made from wood? It may sound like a strange idea at first. You may assume such a roof would catch fire very easily or that it would be prone to rot after it gets rained on a few times. But the truth is, wooden roofing is becoming quite common as homeowners have begun to seek out greener building materials. Most wooden roofs are made from cedar, which has some unique properties that protect it from the rot, insect infestations, and mold that other woods are prone to when used outdoors. Read More 

Considering A Thatched Roof For Your Country Cottage

If you have a country cottage and want to maintain the rustic, cottage look, then you may want to consider capping it with a thatched roof. This style of roofing looks so much more cottage-like than a shingle, tile, or metal roof. Here's a closer look at thatched roofing and what it entails. What is thatched roofing made from? Thatched roofs are made from either water reeds or straw. Though these materials may not sound like they would make for a sturdy roof, they are bundled together very tightly when used for thatching. Read More 

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Which Roof is Right For You?

Choosing a new roof can be a trying ordeal when there are so many options. Is a metal roof right for you, or are shingles a better fit? Or should you opt for something entirely different, like a living roof made up of different types of vegetation? Once the roof is in place, how can you best take care of it and extend its life? This blog will explore the different types of roof options that are available to you, and the different strategies for taking care of a roof once it's in place. Read through for ideas that you can use to apply to your own home.