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Clever Ways To Transform Outdoor Spaces With Old Terra Cotta Roof Tiles

If you've had a roofing contractor remove the old terracotta tiles from your roof, think twice before having them hauled away for recycling. You can use these resilient remains to spruce up your outdoor landscapes with a few simple projects that most homeowners can tackle fairly easily. Check out these clever ways to reuse lovely terracotta tiles – even broken ones – and improve the aesthetics of your garden and yard spaces.

Create an Outdoor Fire Pit

Much like you construct a campfire ring, terracotta tiles can be laid and stacked into a nice circle to create an outdoor fire pit. Terracotta is fire resistant and can add beauty, texture, and a solid barrier around your pit and adequately contain the heat source.

Use Old Tiles to Spruce Up Gardens

The rich, orange hue of natural terracotta can complement most outdoor gardens. You can use these tiles to create garden barriers and edging in lieu of expensive pavers and border stones. Imagine the contrast of color between your vegetation and your greenery and the 'pop' your garden will now boast!

Create an Outdoor Wall Decoration

You can use broken terracotta pieces to create mosaics upon existing cement or brick walls to enhance their appearance. You can also use whole pieces to create a confluent pattern that covers the entire wall. Use mortar to adhere the tiles to the wall surface. Once dry, fill in any gaps and cracks with a grout in a complementing color. Many homeowners like to take this idea one step further by painting or stenciling art onto individual tiles and then sealing them with a water-resistant clear coat.

Terracotta is Superior and Attractive Mulch

These roofing tiles offer reflective properties and help direct water drainage with their curved appearance, making them an excellent choice as natural mulching material for heat-tolerant plants and shrubs. Simply placing these around your greenery (curved side up) as you would traditional mulch, you offer the plant a top-notch drainage system that helps promote healthier and more vibrant blooms and growth.

Construct Raised Garden Beds

Take advantage of the drain-promoting qualities of these roofing tiles by establishing a raised garden bed without spending money on additional landscaping materials. Simply bury the terracotta tiles vertically into your soil to shape your bed, allowing them to stand up slightly. Fill the bed with soil and your desired plants. Not only will you have an attractive flowerbed, but raised beds like these promote proper drainage that helps plants thrive.

If you're considering replacing your terracotta roofing, these projects are a great way to reuse and recycle those old materials. However, your roofing contractor is likely to have ideas about how you can reuse your roofing regardless of the current materials. Contact businesses like Sunik Roofing for more great ideas about reusing old roofing.

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