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Three Options To Give Your Exterior A Durable Finish With Fiber Cement Siding

There are many choices for siding on your home. Some materials, such as wood siding, can decay and eventually need to be replaced. When it comes time to install new siding on your home, you may want to consider using a more durable material. Fiber cement siding is a great choice that comes in many different styles and colors. Here are some of the choices you have to renovate your home's exterior with new fiber cement siding:

1. Give Your Home A New Look With Lap Siding

Lap siding is the conventional diagonal boards on the exterior of homes. Fiber cement can come in lap style for an affordable new look for your home. These materials can also have a textured finish with color, so you will not have to do any painting after it is installed. You can also get the materials in a plain, unfinished grey color if you want to have the exterior painted after the siding is installed.

2. Fiber Cement Shakes To Give Your Home A Custom Finish

Shakes can be a great look for the siding on your home. Wood shakes can be a problem if you live in an area with wildfires, so you may want to use an alternative material. Fiber cement shakes can be a great solution to give your home the look of wood shakes. It is also a durable material that will not require repairs and maintenance like wood shakes. The only thing that you will need to do is apply an occasional coat of paint to keep it looking like new.

3. Using Fiber Cement Panels For A Contemporary Design

Contemporary designs may not look the best with conventional siding products. Instead, you may want to use more modern materials for smooth surfaces, clean lines and straight edges. Fiber cement siding also comes in panels, which can be a good solution to give your home an exterior that matches its modern design. These panels can be used to give your home a uniform exterior finish, or they can be combined with other modern materials to give your home more of a custom look.

These are some of the choices you have to renovate the exterior of your home with new fiber cement siding. If you are ready to change your home's exterior, contact a siding installation contractor like Standard Roofing & Exteriors Ltd and talk with them about some of your options.

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