Which Roof is Right For You?

4 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Roof

Owning and maintaining a home can be expensive enough, and replacing a roof can be one of the most expensive home projects you take on. It makes sense, then, that you would want to prolong the life of your home's roof for as long as possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to go about doing this.

Clean Gutters Regularly

Many homeowners don't consider how keeping their home's gutter systems maintained can help to extend the life of the roof itself, but it can! When you let your gutters build up with leaves and other debris, this can make it more difficult for water to drain properly from your roof. Over time, this can lead to water damage and other problems. Taking the time to clean out gutters once or twice a year can make a huge difference.

Keep Branches Cut Back

If you have any tall trees around your home, make sure that branches are kept trimmed and pruned back. Otherwise, you will increase the risk of limbs and branches falling onto your roof and possibly causing damage during times of high winds and storms. Keeping trees pruned will also keep them healthier and keep your property looking its best.

Schedule Annual Inspections

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this applies to your roof as well! By having an annual inspection done by a professional, you can tackle small roof repairs before they turn into larger problems. For example, an inspection could spot a small roof leak that, if left undetected, could eventually lead to major water damage in your home.

Check Your Roof After Storms

Any time you have a major hail or wind storm in your area, it's a good idea to get on a ladder (carefully) and check out your roof for any obvious signs of damage. The good news is that if you do have any storm damage, this is something that should be taken care of by your home insurance policy. By having these small repairs done after a storm, you can avoid more serious roofing problems that may not be covered by insurance later on.

These are just a few ways to go about making your home's roof last longer so you can save on repairs and replacement down the road. Be sure to keep these tips in mind throughout the year as part of your home maintenance plan and hire a roofing contractor whenever you need one!

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Which Roof is Right For You?

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