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Oh Hail! How To Check Your Roof For Damage After A Storm

If a hail storm just tore through your town and made contact with your home, your roof may have been damaged in the process. Hail can do some serious harm to your roof, which can end up posing a threat to your home. Don't put off a roof inspection. Here are three steps you'll need to take to identify signs of hail damage.

Look for Leaks Inside Your Home

Hail storms are often followed by heavy rain storms. Now's the time to walk through your home and look for leaks. You'll also want to look for areas of your ceiling that might be showing signs of wetness. Those water marks could indicate that a leak is about to occur. Keep a close eye on those areas. You'll also need to go up into your attic to look for leaks. If you see leaks, or watermarks, anywhere in your home, it's a good indication that your roof was damaged during the hail storm. Failure to repair the damage could lead to even bigger leaks when the next rain storm rolls through.

Check Your Yard for Signs of Debris

Once you've looked for leaks inside your home, you'll need to head outside to look for damage. Visible damage means that your roof is definitely going to need repairs.

Asphalt Granules

As the hail hits your roof, the asphalt granules are knocked loose. Once the granules are knocked loose, the ensuing wind and rain will remove them from the shingles altogether. When that happens, the protective layer of your shingles will be compromised. To see if you've lost the granules from your shingles, you'll need to check the ground around your home. That's where they'll collect once they're washed off your roof.

Damaged Shingles

In addition to checking the ground for granules, you'll also need to check your shingles for signs of damage. Hail can leave dents in your roof, and tear right through your shingles. If you can see dents in your roof—they might look like minor impressions in the shingles—or damaged shingles, it's time to call a roofing company.

Call the Roofing Company

Whether you can see visible damage after a hail storm, or not, you need to have your roof inspected by a professional. Some hail damage may not be visible to the naked, or untrained eye. During the inspection, a roofing contractor, such as those at JSI Roofing, will climb up on your roof, and physically inspect the entire surface for signs of damage. If your roofing contractor identifies damage, you'll need to have it repaired as soon as possible.

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