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Measures You Can Take To Protect Your Roof From Fires

For homes found in locations that suffer from frequent wildfires, fire suppression is a major concern. When fighting fires, it is sometimes necessary for firefighters to climb onto a roof and attach a sprinkler to the roof. There are many ways that you can make your roof safer from fires, including the use of fire fighting sprinklers. Depending on your jurisdiction, you may even be required to have a roof installed that is fire-resistant:

Fire-Resistant Shingles

Have fire resistant shingles attached to your roof. These are made out of fiberglass and asphalt. They reduce the risk that a fire that started outside of your home will spread from the roof to other areas. Other types of shingles will break, slide off, or warp and expose the roof deck underneath. This will lead to the fire spreading from the roof to the home interior. 


Fiberglass cannot burn. Therefore, it is helpful to install fiberglass attic insulation. Paper backing burns off and also contributes to the spread of the fire. Another option is mineral wool. This material is made out of noncombustible fibers and can handle over a thousand degrees of temperature. If you are looking for a more eco-friendly option, install a cellulose insulation that contains flame retardant additives. Regardless of what you use, the insulation should avoid gaps because gaps allow for the fire to spread. Cellulose is the most effective at eliminating gaps.

Fire Fighting Sprinklers

Roof sprinklers have been invented that are able to put out fires that begin on the roof. The sprinkler systems detect fires and spray water in order to reduce the spread of fires. They work great in combination with a fire fighting effort. Sprinklers can be attached to a roof safely and securely with a rooftop sprinkler system. The sprinkler is attached to a bracket that is made out of plastic.The bracket is designed to attach to the roof without damage. The sprinklers are designed to work with the types of sprinklers that fire departments are already using. The great thing about modern roof sprinklers is that they are not only programmable but can also be programmed by satellite with a cell phone.

If you are concerned about fires and if wildfires are common to your area, contact a local roofing company. They will likely have experience with repairing damage caused by fires and will also know about the safeguards that can protect your roof from a fire. 

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