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Early Winter Roofing Services To Consider

When winter arrives on your doorsteps, it often feels sudden and out of the blue. The first snowfall or freeze of the year can sometimes come as early as October or might come late into the season. As a homeowner, being caught off-guard with the change of seasons can be frustrating and worrisome, especially when it comes to getting the right home maintenance and repair services to prepare for the winter months. If winter has already set in on you unexpectedly, get to know some of the roofing services you may want to consider for the early part of winter so you can be sure you get your roof in the best shape possible for winter. 

Get Your Gutters Cleaned

While you may not think of it as a roofing service, getting your rain gutters cleaned out does have a direct impact on your home's roofing system. Clogged rain gutters can lead to a buildup of ice and snow that can damage your roof significantly. The debris in your rain gutters can also get pushed up from the rain gutters and under your shingles causing rot and structural damage to the roof underlayment. 

And because the fall season is the time in which the most debris gets into your rain gutters, it is important to have them thoroughly cleared out in the early part of winter. This will prevent significant and preventable damage from occurring to your roof throughout the course of the winter months. 

Have Any Damaged Shingles Removed and Replaced

Another step you should take when you are trying to catch up with your roofing services in the early winter is to have a roofer come out and remove any obviously damaged shingles from your roof. Damaged shingles often look out of place or strange in comparison to the uniformity of the rest of your roof. This can include shingles that are slightly askew (out of line with) the rest of the shingles, ones that are cracked or split, or those that are bulging or have edges that are curled up. 

Damaged shingles can cause snow and ice to get down into the lower layers of the roof causing significant leaking, mold and mildew, and other issues. Your roofer can easily remove the individual shingles causing problems and replace them with new ones that will better protect your home and overall roofing system. They can also perform a full roofing inspection while on your roof to ensure there are no other serious issues to worry about as winter continues. 

These roofing services can help you to ensure your roof is in the best possible condition moving forward into the winter months. Check out a website like for more information and assistance. 

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