Which Roof is Right For You?

Choosing Roof Installation Time Based On Your Priorities

You have probably heard that there is a good time as well as a bad time for installing a roof. This may be true, but it doesn't mean that there is one season where everyone should install their roofs. Indeed, the right time may even change for one person depending on their needs. For example, there are different "best times" for roof installations depending on whether:

You Want the Best Price

If you want the best price for your roofing, then it makes sense to opt for the season where the roofers don't have much work. This season is the winter/holiday season, where most homeowners don't take care of home improvements or repairs but the roofing contractors still need work. This means there will be still the same number of contractors competing for limited work, and they will be willing to negotiate or give discounts. Therefore, if you are on a tight budget and can afford to wait, then the winter season should be your first choice for replacing your roof.

You Want Excellent Work

Everybody wants a good roof so this may seem like controversial advice, but it isn't. After all, all professional roofing contractors will do their best to give you a good roof irrespective of the season. However, the weather has a strong influence on the quality of roof installation, and roofers have no control of the weather. For example, installing roofing shingles during the winter season is risky because the weather may not be warm enough for proper adhesion of the shingles. Therefore, if you want to eliminate all possible causes of poor installation of shingles, let the roofers do the work during the warmer seasons.

You Want Fast Work

Working in cold weather is dangerous both for the roofing materials and for the workers. For example, the shingles become brittle in cold weather, and this increases their risk of damage. The roof also becomes slippery after a snowfall or other forms of precipitation, so the workers have to be extra careful (and, hence, slow) during that time. Both of these reduce the time required to install the roof. Therefore, avoid the cold season if you want the work to progress fast once the roofers start working. However, if you want the roofers to start working on your roof as soon as you make the deposit check, then the winter is the best time for it because roofing contractors don't have a lot of work during this time.

Ultimately, however, you can say that the best time to install a roof is when you want it installed. Professional residential roofing services will always work with you to get the best possible roof for your house.

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Which Roof is Right For You?

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