Which Roof is Right For You?

What Are The Most Common Roofing Problems?

Nobody wants to deal with a bad roof, but these issues are incredibly common. If you own a home, maintaining and fixing the roof may be the bane of your existence. Not sure what ailment your roof is going to face next? Knowing what to expect can help you prepare for your next major issue.

Bad Installation

Poor installation of a roof can create some problems for your home. Among the most common issues is improperly installed roof flashing.This is why it is so important that you hire a professional to install and fix your roof. Otherwise, you may be facing only more issues in your future.

Bad Maintenance

If bad installation has a sibling, it is certainly improper maintenance. Without the right maintenance, a small problem can grow to become much bigger. Ensure that you have your roof regularly inspected to check for these small issues that tend to go overlooked if you aren't familiar with roofing issues.

Leaks & Moisture

Leaks are among the most common roofing problems. They tend to occur most often where shingles are damaged, flashing, gutters, skylights, valleys, and also near the chimneys. Leaks create several problems. First of all, leaks can work their way into your home, dripping all over your floor and belongings.

Additionally, leaks can cause moisture to build up in the attic, potentially causing mold and rot. Without good ventilation in an attic or upper portion of a house, you might see a lot of problems developing.

Water Pooling

When water begins to pool up, you will notice a type of pond forming on your roof. This becomes a big problem especially when the roof is flat. The weight can damage the structure of your home or cause leaking and even flooding.

Pests & Animals

Animals are a common cause of problems with roofing, as are insect pests. For example, birds might make a nest under shingles, raising them up. Insects can also make a home in your roof or attic.

Weather Damage

Storms are a common culprit as far as roofing issues are concerned. Snow and ice melt, allowing water to seep into the shingles. You should also check your roof after your next major storm to ensure that no damage has been caused by other natural phenomena like hail, winds, and lightning.

Finally, do not forget to contact a roof company when you are facing roofing issues. Only a professional roofer knows for sure that something is wrong with your home and understands the best way to fix it.

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Which Roof is Right For You?

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