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3 Energy Efficient Solutions For Commercial Roofs To Reduce Operating Costs

If you are a business owner, you want to reduce operating costs wherever possible. The energy you use to heat and cool your business is a major expensive. Therefore, you want to consider energy-efficient upgrades for areas like roofs. On commercial buildings, there is a lot of room for improvements on flat roofs. Here are some ways you can improve the energy efficiency of your business with commercial roof improvements:

1. Reduce Energy Loss From Commercial Refrigeration With Foam Roofing

Many businesses need commercial refrigeration systems to keep produce and goods fresh. The roof can cause energy loss in these areas. To stop heat gain and keep products fresh, commercial foam roofing systems provide the perfect option. This material can be installed on more than just the area where you have refrigeration, giving you more energy-saving benefits. The foam roofing can cover refrigerated areas, as well as offices and non-refrigerated storage, which will help reduce energy loss that can affect the efficiency of things like commercial HVAC systems. Even if your business does not have refrigeration, foam roofing is a good investment. Check out websites like to learn more about foam roofing.

2. Cool Roofing Membranes for Commercial Roofs to Reduce Heat Gain

On commercial flat roofs, the most affordable material to use is a roofing membrane. Today, these can be cool roofing systems, which are lighter-colored materials that reflect sunlight and reduce heat gain, which helps to keep businesses cooler during the summer months. Cool roofing membranes also have the added benefit of being much lighter than other materials and give you the option of lightweight construction or solutions like foam roofing underlayments for reduced energy loss.

3. Solar and Renewable Energy Solutions for Commercial Roof Installations

The flat roof of your business is also a good place to consider improvements with renewable energy. Solar roofing membranes are a great solution to produce electricity with a flat roof. If you want to have a more complete energy solution, you may want to consider having solar panels installed with a racking system for more electricity production. In addition, there are also options like vertical wind turbines, which can be used to help improve the electricity output of your renewable energy investment.

These are some of the energy-efficient improvements that you may want to consider for commercial roofs. If you are ready to start reducing the operating costs of your business, contact a commercial roofing contractor and talk with them about solutions like foam and cool roofing membranes.

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