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3 Roofing Maintenance Tips To Prevent Summer Damage

The summer is a time of the year when your roof is exposed to more hours of sunlight that causes wear and damage, as well as storms that can cause damage to your home. If you want to prevent damage to your home during the summer months, there are some maintenance tasks that are important, such as keeping the roof clean, doing small repairs and preparing for storms. Here are some roof maintenance tips to help you avoid summer roof damage problems:

1. Cleaning Your Roof to Prevent Wear and Damage

The roof of your home is vulnerable to problems that often start with debris and dirt on the roof. Therefore, you want to make sure that your roof is clean and free of grime that can lead to wear and damage. To ensure your roof lasts long, routinely clean it and make sure that there is no debris that can cause damage. Your roof only needs light cleaning, and using a pressure washer should be avoided because this can do more damage, rather than preventing it.

2. Tree and Landscaping Maintenance to Prevent Roof Damage

Trees and plants in your landscaping can cause a problem with the roofing materials on your home. Tree care is important to prevent damage from storms, as well as to prevent damage caused by fungus that grows on shaded roofs. During the spring, make sure you have the trees on your property trimmed to ensure that are not a problem for the materials on your roof. You want to have any branches that are a risk of falling on your home removed, and the canopy thinned to allow sunlight through to the roof to prevent fungus like moss or lichen from growing on the shingles.

3. Roof Inspection and Repairs to Ensure Your Roof Is in Good Shape

One of the important tasks of maintaining your roof is having it inspected. You will want to inspect the condition of your roof for several reasons. One of the reasons to have a roof inspection done is to look for damage from storms or wear that need to be repaired. In addition, you will want to have your roof inspected to know its condition and when it is going to be time to have it replaced.

These are some roof care tips to help prepare your home for summer weather and the damage that it can cause. If you need help with roof maintenance or repairs, contact a roofing contractor to ensure your roof makes it through another hot summer. 

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