Which Roof is Right For You?

Does Your Solar Roof Need Work?

Investing in a solar roof is a great way to save on energy costs while helping out the environment. In many cases, a solar roof can even add to the value of your home and give your property a unique curb appeal.

With regular care and routine maintenance, expect your solar powered roof to last for a long time. When repairs are needed, you'll notice a few signs of damage. Always have solar roof repair needs performed by a licensed solar roofing repair service.

Your actual roof is declining

You should have had your roof replaced or repairs made on the structure prior to putting solar panels on. The reason for this is simple: if your roof isn't sound and needs repairs, solar panels have to be removed in order to perform needed tasks like replacing shingles or support beams.

If your actual roof that your solar panels rest on top of is sagging, missing shingles, or leaking, then you need to have your solar panels taken off by a specialist. Roof repairs will be made, then you can have the same specialist put these panels back on. As a bonus, you can have your solar panel specialist inspect all your solar structures to make sure they are sound before putting them back on your roof. It's easier to make repairs or replace panels when they are already removed.

Your energy savings have changed

You were saving a lot of money on your energy usage due to the installation of your solar panels. Now, you're not and you don't know why. A sign of solar panel failure is lack of energy output. If your solar panels are unable to absorb solar energy to produce electricity for your home, you'll notice the difference in your heating and electric bills.

A slight change in your energy bill can be expected periodically as weather changes, but major changes and declines in your energy savings should be an indicator that you need your solar panels inspected. Don't wait to have them looked at—the sooner you identify and repair solar panel issues, the cheaper your repair costs can be and the more likely keeping your current solar panels will be.

When your solar panels need repairs, don't climb on your roof and check them out on your own. Always hire a specialist for this type of work so you can keep yourself and your solar panels safe.

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Which Roof is Right For You?

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