Which Roof is Right For You?

3 Questions To Ask About Your Roofing Estimate

A new roof is a costly investment. Many homeowners will secure several estimates before hiring a roofing contractor to ensure they are getting the best value. There are some important things you must clarify before you can compare estimates from multiple contractors.

Be sure that you are asking the right questions so your roof replacement goes smoothly.

1. Are Materials Included?

A lot of materials are used to install a new roof. It's important that you clarify with your contractor which materials have been included in the estimate provided. You will want to ensure if shingles, decking, a new membrane, and even roofing nails are included in the estimate you receive.

As long as all the materials have been included in your estimated cost, you should be able to avoid any unexpected expenses once your roof replacement is underway.

2. What do Labor Costs Cover?

Each estimate that you receive from a roofing contractor should include labor costs. You will want to ensure that you clarify what these labor costs entail.

Many contractors will only include the actual man-hours spent installing your roof in the estimate. The labor costs related to securing a permit and arranging for any inspections that are required may not be covered in your estimate.

You will need to factor these costs into the equation when trying to determine which roofing contractor offers the best value on a roof replacement.

3. Are Disposal Costs Included?

Replacing your home's roof is a major project. All of the old shingles and any damaged decking materials will need to be removed from your home before new roofing materials can be installed.

Homeowners are often surprised at the volume of waste that is created during a roof replacement. Disposing of this waste can become costly, so you want to verify if disposal costs are included in your contractor's estimate.

Disposal costs could include the rental of a dumpster and any charges incurred at your local garbage dump. If your estimate doesn't include disposal costs, you will need to arrange for the removal of old roofing materials from your property before your roof replacement project begins.

Multiple estimates from contractors can help you minimize costs when replacing your home's roof. When you ask the right questions about your estimates, you can avoid unexpected expenses and ensure that you are getting the best value on your roof replacement. Contact a roof replacement service for more information.

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