Which Roof is Right For You?

Checklist When Hiring A Commercial Roofing Company

Commercial roofing projects are usually more complex than installing roofs in a residential property. For this reason, property owners must ensure the project is handled flawlessly to avoid incurring unnecessary costs. One way to accomplish this is by assigning the project to commercial roofing contractors. These professionals will help you get the best roofing materials after surveying the project and considering your budget. They'll also ensure the installation is done correctly.

But how can you find a great contractor now that the market is flooded with many commercial roofers? The following checklist can help you identify an outstanding roofing professional for your project to make it successful and stress-free.

Is the Contractor Certified to Work in Your State?

Before a company is allowed to handle commercial roofing projects, they need to meet certain stringent requirements. This is done to ensure the projects are done correctly regardless of their complexities. So, before you hire a contractor, verify that your state's licensing board recognizes them. A good roofing contractor will have an active license to operate, bonding certification, and different kinds of insurance coverage, like general liability and workers' compensation. 

Is the Contractor Experienced in Handling Such Projects?

The fact that a commercial roofer is licensed to operate in your state doesn't necessarily mean that they can handle the work. You still need to determine if they have done projects like yours too. If they are experienced in installing the kind of roofing you require, you can hire them. An excellent way to verify this is to ask for a portfolio of their past projects. Some roofers even share contact information for their past clients to clear any doubts you may have.

Is the Contractor Certified by the Product Manufacturer?

Due to the costs associated with commercial roofing projects, you should ensure your interest is covered if mistakes occur. Working with a contractor who is certified by the product manufacturer is a good place to start. The manufacturer is more likely to honor their warranty if the product was installed by a company that they have certified. So, choose a contractor certified by the manufacturer to handle a specific roofing product brand.

Is the Contractor Offering a Service Guarantee?

Any excellent commercial roofing contractor will stand behind their work by offering a service guarantee. They will hold themselves accountable and handle any expenses if mistakes occur during the installation or immediately after. This means you won't need to pay more money for any repairs.

When you take the time to search for a good commercial roofers, your commercial project will be a success. Start by keeping these pointers in mind. 

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Which Roof is Right For You?

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