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Roof Repairs When Wind Causes Damage To Your Shingles

When you have problems with your shingles, it is often due to wind and weather. The problem is that wind damage can happen without the storms. You want to find the wind damage and have repairs done before the damage to your home is worse. The following information about roof repair will help identify these problems to have them repaired quickly:

  • Issues with Torn Shingles — The winds that your roof is exposed to can cause shingle tabs to tear. These tears often seem to be minor issues, but they can cause serious damage to your home. When there have been high winds, you want to inspect the shingles on your roof. Look closely at the tabs for tears and minor damage that can go unnoticed. These are the problems that you need to have repaired before they cause serious damage to your home.
  • Debris Damage — There are also problems with debris that can damage your roofing. Sometimes, the issues with wind damage are not caused by the wind itself, but debris like tree branches that can hit the shingles and cause damage. Therefore, you want to inspect the shingles for debris damage whenever there have been high winds. You should pay special attention to debris damage if there are large trees near your roof.
  • Issues with Missing Shingles — There may also be issues with missing shingles that you have to deal with due to wind damage. Sometimes, these problems are only isolated issues that can be quickly repaired. You need to have the missing shingles replaced and the areas around them inspected for damage. You want to have any other damage repaired when replacing the missing shingles. Usually, if there are only a few shingles to replace, a roofing service can complete the repairs quickly.
  • Missing Sections of Roofing — There may be sections of roofing that are missing after high winds. This problem is common during severe weather but can occur at other times. Before the repairs can be completed, you will want to have a tarp installed to protect your home if it rains. These missing sections of shingles will need to be replaced. When they are replaced, make sure that there are not areas where wind can get beneath the roofing and cause the shingles to be blown off again.

These are issues that you may need to have repaired when wind damages your shingles. Contact a roof repair service for help with these repairs before problems get worse.

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