Which Roof is Right For You?

Copper Metal Roofing | An Introduction Of Pros And Cons For Curious Homeowners

When it is resiliency and longevity you wish to achieve, it is no insider secret that metal roofing options are some of the best. However, when most homeowners consider metal roofing, they are looking for steel or even aluminum. Yet, copper roofing has been growing in popularity and is definitely worth your consideration if it is nearing the time to replace your current home roof. For a long time, homeowners only used copper roofing in areas that needed a little pizzazz, like over an awning or patio but this has recently changed. Read More 

Fall Is Almost Here: Home Maintenance Projects To Get Your Home Ready For Cooler Weather

Fall will be here before you know it. It's time to start pulling out your sweaters, and preparing for the cooler weather. It's also time to start taking care of those end-of-summer home maintenance projects. Those are the projects that will help prepare your home for the cold, wet weather that will soon be here. Here are four maintenance projects that you should take care of before fall arrives. Repair Your Roof Read More 

Is A Rooftop Patio Right For Your Restaurant? 5 Questions To Consider

If you own a restaurant, a rooftop patio is a great way to extend your dining  space and potentially bring new clients through your doors. In fact, rooftop patios are such a draw for some diners that many newspapers and review sites offer reviews that focus just on restaurants that offer this special amenity. Wondering if a rooftop patio is the right move for your roof? Here's what you've got to consider. Read More 

Oh Hail! How To Check Your Roof For Damage After A Storm

If a hail storm just tore through your town and made contact with your home, your roof may have been damaged in the process. Hail can do some serious harm to your roof, which can end up posing a threat to your home. Don't put off a roof inspection. Here are three steps you'll need to take to identify signs of hail damage. Look for Leaks Inside Your Home Hail storms are often followed by heavy rain storms. Read More 

Important Roofing Questions Answered

Being informed about the various components of a house and the aspects of being a homeowner can be essential for protecting the money that you invested with this purchase. In particular, the roof is an essential component of the house, and being informed about it can be extremely useful for protecting your house from damage. Are Stone Tiles Worth The Additional Expense When Compared To Asphalt Shingles? It is common for asphalt shingles to be used to cover and protect a roof. Read More 

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Which Roof is Right For You?

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