Which Roof is Right For You?

4 Roofing Tips that Can Bring Out the Best in Your Home Improvement Investments

If it's time to replace the asphalt shingles on your roof again, you may feel like you just got the job done. But it's a good idea to make adjustments to the roof if the old asphalt shingles look plain and could be updated with alternatives to renovating the look of your home. These three tips can help you change the look of your home and add to your home investment. Read More 

How To Meet HOA Roofing Repair Requirements

When you are living in a home that is subject to a Homeowner's Association, you might find that it's more difficult to have your roof repaired because you will also have to consult with your Homeowner's Association. This may lead to the process being somewhat more difficult to manage.  The Role of the HOA The HOA is an organization that is responsible for making and enforcing rules for your community. When you purchase property within a particular HOA jurisdiction, you will then become a member. Read More 

4 Signs It’s Time For Roofing Replacement

Postponing a roof replacement even for a few months can be a disaster. If a storm hits and finds your roof in a poor state, the amount of damage caused inside and outside your building could be immense. However, a common problem is that many building owners can't even tell when it's time to replace their roofing. Many people are only guided by the projected lifespan of their roofing material. However, many people have had to replace their roofs long before or long after this. Read More 

3 Severe Roofing Issues That Warrant Help From A Residential Roofing Company

Having a home is great, but there will be times when the roof experiences problems. Some can be fixed without professional assistance. Then there are certain issues that warrant assistance from a residential roofing company. Here are three that immediately come to mind.   1. Leaks  Leaks are one of the worst issues you can experience with your roof. Not only do they cause severe water damage, but they can cause mold to grow. Read More 

How To Avoid Accidental Conflict With Your Roofer

When you hire a roofer to do roof repair, you want the job to go as smoothly as possible. If you asked the roofer for an estimate, you expect that the estimate that the roofer gives you is the full expected cost of the job. However, there are occasionally some unexpected added expenses once the roofer takes off loose shingles or has to patch holes. If there are going to be extra expenses, your roofer should (and usually will) tell you that the job is going to be a little more expensive than previously thought. Read More 

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Which Roof is Right For You?

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